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Have you been denied a promotion or seen a promotion given to another simply because he or she was a younger employee? Was it unfair? Was it due to your age?

If you feel you are losing employee privileges, such as promotions and incentives, because of your age, it is possible you are being subjected to age discrimination in the workplace. If you are uncertain but feel you are being discriminated on account of your age, our Kansas City age discrimination attorney can answer your questions and assess your case.

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We Won’t Let You Be Victimized

The American workforce is aging and many employers have the perception that older workers are less productive and more expensive. Employers may try to force older workers off the payroll by failing to promote, reducing job opportunities, and terminating them based on pretext.

If you suspect you fall into these categories, you need to speak with one of our age discrimination lawyers in Kansas City, who can explain what employers can and cannot do. Our Kansas City discrimination lawyers will analyze the facts of your case to help determine if you have been subject to age discrimination.

When perceptions turn to a denial of privileges and promotions, unfair treatment and discriminatory hiring practices, it is time to assert your rights.

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