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Employers cannot ask their employees to participate in acts that would violate state or federal laws. They also cannot fire employees for refusing to participate in those acts, even in an at-will state such as Missouri. Unfortunately, employees often feel pressured to do whatever is asked of them, especially when the economy is in a downturn and jobs are not easy to find. It is essential to understand your rights, and our experienced employment law attorneys can help.

At the employment law group of Holman Schiavone, LLC, we have experience representing individuals who have been wrongfully terminated or otherwise adversely impacted for refusing to participate in illegal acts on the job. We always stand up for the individual and have achieved successful verdicts and settlements for many people in Missouri and Kansas in employment law cases.

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What Constitutes an Illegal Act By an Employer?

There are many instances where an employer might ask an employee to engage in activities that violate state and federal regulations, including but not limited to:

  • Fraud in purchasing and procurement of resources
  • Disposal of hazardous materials in violation of environment laws
  • Performing procedures or tasks without proper licensing
  • Misuse or abuse of company funds
  • Committing perjury
  • Submitting false reports

While an employee can and should refuse to engage in illegal activities, many employees are concerned about retaliation. In addition to employment retaliation in the form of wrongful termination, employees may also face consequences with regard to compensation, promotions or demotions and employee benefits. In the worst cases, employees may even face verbal abuse or threats of physical violence.

The attorneys at Holman Schiavone, LLC, can help you if you are considering reporting illegal activities by your employer or if you have already been retaliated against for refusing to participate in those activities.

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