If you were injured because a property owner did not adequately light a stairway, parking lot or another area, you may be able to hold that property owner accountable through a premises liability lawsuit. However, inadequate or poor lighting cases are challenging to prove and will require the help of an attorney experienced in premises liability laws in your state.

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What Are Property Owners’ Responsibilities Concerning Poor Lighting and Property Maintenance?

Property owners in Missouri and Kansas have a duty to maintain their property and keep it reasonably safe from all dangers. This burden is even greater for commercial property owners, who are required to inspect and correct or warn of dangers. This includes ensuring their property is properly lit.

Why? Poor lighting can contribute to a wide range of serious incidents, including:

It should come as no surprise to property owners that creating or failing to fix poor lighting can make it difficult for visitors on their property to see water or objects on the floor. It also makes it very difficult to see people walking among cars in a parking lot.

Poor lighting also makes such areas enticing for criminal activity, which can lead to robberies and assaults. The danger posed by inadequate lighting can be exacerbated by slippery substances, poor security and negligent drivers in parking lots.

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