Have you been discriminated against at your place of work or when seeking employment? Employment discrimination is against the law everywhere in the United States. Unfortunately, it still happens more often than we think. Analysis of figures from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) by PAYCHEX, reveal that over 1.8 million employment discrimination cases were filed in the US between 2009 and 2018. The composition of cases filed breakdown as follows:

State-specific data based on this analysis shows that Missouri is one of the states with the highest cases of reported employment discrimination cases at over 33.5 cases per 100,000 people. This is a very high number considering that not all cases of discrimination are reported. As discrimination lawyers in Kansas City, the attorneys at Holman Schiavone can attest to the fact that more employees are coming out to actively fight against employment discrimination.

A woman being ousted by her employer and colleagues after reporting an incident. If you’re facing discrimination at your work our employment discrimination attorney in Kansas City can provide the counsel you need to obtain compensation.

What is Employment Discrimination?

Discrimination takes many forms, some victims even fail to realize they have been discriminated against. What is apparent, though, is that discrimination of any form may have a devastating impact on the victim. As it relates to the emotional impact that discrimination may have on a victim, it may leave them feeling lost and confused. The discrimination sometimes even results in individuals losing confidence in themselves and their abilities. Every day, millions of Americans lose the opportunity to earn a decent living and reach their potential because they are discriminated against.

If you believe you have been a victim of discrimination, our Kansas City discrimination attorneys are here to help. While it is understandable for you to feel angry and hurt by the conduct of your employer, or the actions of a prospective employer, your decision to fight for justice should be an educated one. Before Googling ‘attorney for discrimination near me’ to begin remedying the injustice, you should first understand what constitutes employment discrimination. 

What are the Forms of Employment Discrimination?

The Missouri Human Rights Act makes it illegal for an employer or recruiter to discriminate against an employee or job candidate based on a protected category. There are also federal employment laws that protect workers from being discriminated against or retaliated against.

Many workers do not know this, but employment discrimination extends beyond hiring and firing. There is a long list of actions that can constitute discrimination. Federal and state laws against discrimination allow individuals to ‘be free from employment discrimination.’

Under the law, employers and institutions cannot treat you unfairly or differently from other employees. However, cases of discrimination are not uncommon. Victims of discrimination report being treated differently based on the following:

Examples of Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination can happen in different employment-related situations. Some common examples are:

  • Excluding applicants during the recruitment of new employees based on a protected category.
  • Suggesting or listing the preferred type of candidate in a job advertisement.
  • Paying employees with equal qualifications serving in the same position different salaries for reasons that are not legitimate business reasons.
  • Denying certain employees’ benefits or compensation.
  • Skewed allocation of company facilities or resources.
  • Discriminating against employees when assigning shifts, leaves, time-offs, or extra time options.
  • Discriminating when laying off or promoting workers.
  • Discriminatory drug testing

A pregnant woman being chewed out by her employer while sitting at her desk. Our discrimination lawyers in Kansas City have what it takes to fight against workplace discrimination.

Discrimination vs. Harassment

Many people think that discrimination and harassment are the same. They are not.

Discrimination occurs when the employer or manager treats a group of employees differently because of their protected status or because they are members of a minority group. Harassment, on the other hand, is the unfair treatment targeted at one particular person. Harassment is also a form of discrimination. Whether you are a victim of harassment or you believe you were discriminated against, what ultimately matters are the facts of the case.

There is a big difference in how the law addresses harassment and discrimination. For instance, if you are a female employee and a manager continually directs vulgar sexual innuendos at you, this would be sexual harassment. If the same manager has a habit of harassing every other female employee, it becomes sex/gender discrimination.

What Are Your Legal Options to Fight Employment Discrimination?

1. Get Legal Help

It is bad enough that you have had to deal with discrimination and/or harassment while trying to make a living. No one should be subjected to a hostile and/or discriminatory work environment.

Before you set out to search for lawyers who sue for discrimination in Missouri and Kansas, gather your evidence and find a discrimination lawyer with a track record of fighting for victims like you.

What Our Discrimination Attorneys in Kansas City Will Do to Help You

At Holman Schiavone, we understand that your future may depend on skilled and dedicated legal representation. We also understand that when you contact our firm you may be at your most vulnerable, both financially and emotionally. Our discrimination attorneys have built a reputation for compassionately representing employees in discrimination lawsuits in Missouri and Kansas. Our attorneys are on a personal mission to stand up for your rights and go to great lengths to fight unfair and discriminatory employment practices.

When you come to us, our team will take the time to analyze your case and explore every legal option to protect your rights. Our strategy is to get the best results for you through a negotiated settlement or a trial.

There are three core reasons you should entrust your case with Holman Schiavone:

  1. Our employment lawyers in Kansas City will assess the situation and come up with a strategy that is best for you individually and your individual case. 
  2. We will work with you to gather the necessary evidence for your case, and we will prepare each case, from the outset, as if we are going to trial.
  3. We will provide you with the economic and emotional realities as it relates to your case and potential damages.

Experience and compassion matter. This is why clients choose Holman Schiavone to handle their employment discrimination claims. Our success and track record speak for us. 

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