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Bullying can impact your child's financial future

We try to encourage our children to be brave about childhood adversity by reminding them that it doesn't last forever. Teachers or school counselors might encourage a child to stick it out and make it through the school year even when they face a difficult situation in the classroom.

Even when a child brings up issues of bullying, adults at the school may fail to take action, which can deter your child from speaking up again in the future.

The side effects of Invokana can be extremely dangerous

For those suffering from Type 2 diabetes, Invokana was marketed as a major breakthrough, allowing patients to live an easier life with diabetes. It promised to provide a way to keep blood sugar at a safe level without the need for insulin.

Invokana was obviously a popular choice for patients with Type 2 diabetes, and it was even recommended by many medical professionals. However, in 2015, studies revealed that Invokana was far from a perfect medication. As a result of these studies, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued warnings about the risks that Invokana presented.

Age discrimination: Myths about aging workers

When you were younger, it may have felt like the deck was stacked against you in your professional field. Every company you talked to wanted to hire someone with experience. How can you get experience, you wondered, if no one will hire you? Finally, you got your foot in the door, you started your career and you eventually became an experienced worker who had no problem landing jobs.

As you've gotten older, though, you noticed a strange shift. While experience was great in your 30s and 40s, now you feel like it is working against you. You have too much experience, according to some. You start to feel like the industry favors young workers. You begin experiencing discrimination at work. You feel like you have lost control of your career and everything you worked so hard for over the years.

What can you do after a failed hernia mesh surgery in Missouri?

People with hernias experience extreme pain and other medical complications. A hernia involves tearing or weakening of the muscle or tissue that surrounds the organs, which can lead to the organs pushing through. In severe cases, the pressure of pushing through can cut the herniated tissue off from blood supply, which can create severe medical issues.

This is a condition that requires serious medical treatment, as ignoring it usually means it will get worse. A surgery is often required for a patient to recover from a hernia. Unfortunately, treatment for hernias does not always go as smoothly as the patient might like.

Muslim women often face discrimination when job hunting

People searching for a new job or hoping to advance their careers shouldn't have to worry about unlawful discrimination from their employer or potential employers. Unfortunately, large portions of the population may face discrimination for characteristics that are protected under federal law. Even if they have the education and experience a job requires, employers may refuse to hire them for unrelated reasons.

Workers past a certain age may face age discrimination, while workers of different races and genders may also face discrimination based on those characteristics. Muslims often face religious discrimination in the United States. Muslim women, unfortunately, are particularly susceptible to discrimination during the hiring process for jobs in Missouri and beyond.

Stalking in a workplace context needs to be addressed

Stalking is most commonly associated with cases of domestic violence. That is to say that many people think that stalking only takes place outside of workplace environments, and that it occurs as a result of a romantic relationship. While stalking is a common issue in domestic violence cases, it is also a problem in the workplace.

Stalking in the context of the workplace is a form of workplace harassment. Workplace harassment is any act of inappropriate behavior that is unwanted and that creates a hostile environment. Stalking is among the most threatening of harassing behaviors. When workers are stalked by a coworker, customer, vendor or another party associated with their job, they have a right to raise the issue and to have their concerns taken seriously.

Is your child being bullied by a teacher?

Children go through many stages in early development and this requires them to form social relationships and learn many different skills at an incredible pace. This stage of development can lead to an environment where children bully other children or where they fall victim to being bullied themselves.

It is the job of parents, guardians and other authority figures to observe the way children interact so that they can be shown how to treat others and be steered in the right direction. Teachers, in particular, have a duty to be objective in the treatment of their pupils and to act with the best interests of all students in mind.

The risks for treatment of a hernia in Missouri

Hernias are common medical problems where organs or tissues are pushed through weak spots in muscles. While sometimes treatment for such instances are unnecessary, other times, hernias can cause pain and medical consequences. It is possible for patients with hernias to undergo surgery and get treatment for their hernia.

Hernias can occur in almost any part of the body, and treatment options can vary depending on the location. Hernias commonly occur in the inner groin or general groin area, at the belly button or within the abdomen.

Facts about age discrimination you may not know

Age discrimination is becoming more of an issue in the workplace as workers are reaching the age of retirement but remaining in the workforce. While the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) made it against the law for employers to discriminate against workers that are age 40 and older, many workers are not clear on the exact rules and their rights.

As a worker, it is vital that you understand your rights if it seems like you are experiencing discrimination in the workplace. Here are some facts about age discrimination that you should know.

Were you unlawfully fired after becoming pregnant?

When you find out that you are pregnant, it can be a very exciting and joyful time for you and your partner. Your excitement should not be dimmed with worries about how your employer will react. With few exceptions, Missouri employers with 15 or more workers cannot legally penalize, directly or indirectly, a worker because she became pregnant. There are situations where a worker's responsibilities may change, but the change cannot be a punishment in disguise.

If you were fired in the state of Missouri after announcing your pregnancy to your employer, you may be able to make a legal claim against them. The law can be complex in this area, especially because it can be difficult to establish the true motives behind your firing. It is important to conduct thorough research into your particular situation so that you can understand and assert your rights.