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Is your employer liable to pay for your sexual harassment?

Employer liability is one of the most important issues in any sexual harassment claim. If an employer is liable, then the claimant can receive financial compensation for his or her injuries and damages, paid by the employer.

If the employer is not liable, the victim might not be able to get remunerated for his or her injuries. Before you pursue a claim for sexual harassment damages, it's important to evaluate how you will prove that your employer is liable.

Sexual harassment is a common side effect of holiday parties

Halloween is almost here. Some companies, including professional offices, service industry companies and even restaurants may have dress-up days and staff holiday parties. Even if Halloween doesn't warrant a party, chances are there's some kind of winter holiday celebration. It's always fun to get to interact with your co-workers in a less professional setting or in unusual or fun outfits. However, the break from routine can also present certain issues.

All too often, sexual harassment is an unfortunate result of holiday parties at businesses, and the events at the party can change a work environment from professional to hostile. Some people may view parties, especially those with alcohol, as an invitation to make inappropriate comments, unwanted advances or harassing jokes toward coworkers. Sometimes, this bad behavior persists for long after the actual holiday celebration. If someone finds your costume funny, for example, you may be hearing about it for month or longer.

Sexual harassment is prevalent in service industry jobs

If you work a service industry job, you know that "appropriate behavior" is often much more flexible than in a traditional office workplace. However, while professionalism may look different in the service industry than it does in the corporate world, every worker deserves a safe workplace free from sexual harassment.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment is often more common in service industry workplaces. If you believe that you experienced sexual harassment in your service industry job, make sure that you take action to protect your rights and create a safer workplace for others in your industry. An experienced employment law attorney can help you understand your experience from a legal perspective and recommend strategies for pursuing justice.

Does online harassment count as workplace harassment?

Your workplace is quiet, civil and organized. People don't even talk to each other all that much, just nodding to say hello on the way through the rows of desks. If someone stood in the hall and watched you work, they'd see very minimal interaction, and what they did see would appear normal and even friendly.

But you're still getting harassed by your co-workers and supervisors, almost every single day. You know they don't like you, and that quiet workplace couldn't feel more hostile. You dread going to work every morning.

5 signs of gender discrimination in the workplace

In today's world, most employers aren't going to obviously discriminate against you based on your gender. It's not that insults and cutting remarks never happen, but most people understand that gender discrimination is illegal, they know the ramifications, and they tone it down compared to previous generations of workers.

That does not mean it doesn't exist. It may simply mean that workers hide it better.

Age discrimination: A problem in many workplaces

When you begin to age, you'll no longer be the newest employee at your workplace. That doesn't mean you're not valuable or that anyone has a right to treat you negatively. Your age is a benefit. You've been at the business a long time, and you know your way around.

When people age, it is sometimes looked down on because they are not as spry as they once were. Sadly, this can lead to age discrimination in the workplace, which is against the law.

With the new school year comes the risk of sports coaches abuse

You probably encourage your child to perform well academically, develop social skills and participate in extracurricular activities. For many middle school and high school students, sports can play a major role in developing teamwork skills and physical health. Most of the time, participating in sports is a healthy, even enjoyable practice for teens. Sometimes, however, sports can become a source of abuse, bullying and even permanent physical damage.

Parents usually worry about contact sports, like hockey, field hockey, football or rugby as sources of potential injuries. Many other sports aren't considered as risky, but the potential for damage still exists. Teenagers can get hurt in an accident in any sport, but they also risk abuse by their coaches that can leave lasting physical and emotional scars.

Temporary foster care placement can result in lifelong issues

Maybe it was an ugly divorce where the accusations and rhetoric left a judge concerned about your kids. Maybe there was a misunderstanding about the cause of a bruise or a broken bone. Whatever happened, you found yourself involved with the Children's Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services. Your children got temporarily removed from your custody and placed in foster care during the investigation.

Eventually, after following directions that may have included parenting classes or even substance abuse counseling, you got custody of your children back. However, your family just isn't the same. You've come to realize, either through behaviors or from what your child has said that the foster home where your children stayed was abusive or the children got neglected and poorly cared for. Your family now faces years of expensive therapy and counseling as you try to help your children overcome this damaging experience.

4 signs your child might be getting bullied at school

When you send your child to school in Kansas City, you expect the teachers and administration to do what is necessary to keep her safe. There are strict policies about who can and cannot enter campus, dress code policies, attendance policies, plus many more that administrators have designed to promote a safe and productive learning environment. However, one of the major issues that seems to often go unaddressed is how the children treat each other, both on and off campus.

Harassment and bullying on school campuses have been making headlines on a more regular basis as these acts have ended in tragic events. While sometimes these instances of bullying and harassment go on where teachers and other adults do not see it, there have been several disturbing cases where not only are teachers turning a blind eye, but some are participating or even encouraging the mistreatment of students by their peers. Would you know if your daughter was a victim of bullying? Read below for signs of bullying that your child might display.

Should I accept a severance package?

Sometimes, an employer may offer you a severance package when he or she terminates your employment. While we've all heard of the company executive who accepts the golden parachute and comfortably lands on his or her feet, not all severance packages are that generous or even beneficial. Just because you received an offer of a severance package doesn't mean that you should definitely take it.

An employer who offers you a severance package must have good reason to do so. In most instances, an employer is not bound by state or federal law to offer severance packages to terminated employees, so you should not accept the offer until you understand why your employee offered it.