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When is discipline from teachers in Missouri unlawful?

When your children come home from school and say that they are upset by the way they were treated by a teacher, it is likely that you will be unsure of how to react. Usually we trust teachers because they have authority over our children, and they have the responsibility to act with care and compassion, while giving out discipline when necessary. As a parent, it is important that you understand where the law stands when it comes to the behavior of school teachers in Missouri.

Different states have slightly differing rules when it comes to what type of behavior is permissible for teachers. In the state of Missouri, teachers may face suspension for neglecting their duty to teach and supervise their pupils.

The difference between discrimination and harassment in Missouri

If you are a worker who has been made to feel uncomfortable in some way at work, it likely affected you to a large extent. If the behavior was repetitive or disturbing, you may find it more difficult to concentrate at work, dread coming into the workplace, or your mental health may have even suffered. The behavior might have also caused you to question whether you are valued in the job you are in or altered your career trajectory for the worse.

When workers have negative experiences like these, they are often confused as to whether what they experienced was workplace harassment or workplace discrimination. It is important to distinguish between the two so that you can take action and get justice for the mistreatment you experienced.

Coaches and teachers often ignore or join in bullying students

For several years, bullying has been a major concern for parents and the media. When one student (or a group of them) taunts, teases and belittles another student, it can have a profound impact on that child's emotional, mental and social development.

No so long ago, most people dismissed bullying as a rite of passage and something that students should expect to encounter. People often advocated ignoring the bullying, as though that were even possible for the children trapped in a toxic environment.

The dangers of hernia mesh implants

When people are suffering from a hernia, there are several treatment options available to them. The type of treatment that they opt for might be chosen because of the location of the hernia or because of the ease of treatment. It is important that all people considering treatment for a hernia look into all of the possible options.

A hernia is the consequence of a muscle weakness or a hole in the muscle in the body. When this weakness is present, it becomes possible for a fatty tissue or organ to squeeze through the hole. This can cause a bulge that may result in several complications.

Getting bullied in school can affect students for years to come

One of the most amazing thing about humans is how different we are. Humans come in all shapes, sizes and colors and we all have unique talents and abilities, as well as weaknesses. Those differences are part of what allows us to create meaningful relationships and develop original ideas. The ways in which we differ from one another can make us all stronger as a species.

Sadly, not everyone appreciates the beauty of differences and diversity. Some people, commonly called bullies, will target, abuse and harass others based solely on their differences. Anything from having an ethnic name to a physical condition that alters the appearance can make students targets for abusive bullies in school.

Taking Invokana could increase your risk of an amputation

Diabetes is a debilitating condition, and one that often worsens over time. Patients struggling with their diabetes diagnosis can face a whole host of frightening symptoms. In addition to dietary restrictions, the need to check blood glucose levels and take supplemental insulin, many people with diabetes experience dry mouth, frequent urination, blurry vision, increased risk of yeast infections and pain or numbness in the feet or legs.

This pain is called diabetic neuropathy, and it is the result of nerve damage caused by high glucose levels in the blood. Left untreated, the pain and nerve damage can get worse. While there are several kinds of diabetic neuropathy with varying symptoms, all of them are serious. In some cases, ongoing issues can lead to amputation of the toes, feet or lower legs. This risk exists for everyone with diabetes, but it is especially high for those taking the drug Invokana (generic name Canagliflozin).

Invokana users in Missouri should understand the dangers

When suffering from type 2 diabetes, you will likely depend on medication to get you through the day. In regard to many of these medications, although you might notice side effects, you probably consider the drugs harmless, and do not worry about the possible effects that they could have on your body.

However, the Food and Drug Administration announced in May 2017 that based on extensive tests and studies, the diabetes drug Invokana actively causes an increased risk of foot and leg amputations. For patients who have been using this drug for years, it can be a shocking discovery.

How am I protected by gender discrimination law in Missouri?

In the state of Missouri, it is illegal for people to be discriminated against at work because of their gender, or because of their gender identity. However, just because there are laws in place does not mean there are not problems that arise due to gender discrimination. It is, in fact, a huge problem here and across the United States. It is important that those affected know they can take action and stand up for their rights.

Gender and gender identity should have no affect on people's ability to get a job and carry out their duties in peace at work. Sadly, there is no shortage of work situations where people are harassed, passed over, fired, mistreated or otherwise denied equal treatment because of these factors.

There is more than one form of workplace bullying

Do you have reason to believe you're the victim of workplace bullying? Do you dread the thought of going into work because of one or more abusive people? Has the time come to learn more about your legal rights?

It's important to realize that there is more than one form of workplace bullying, as this goes a long way in helping you determine whether you're a victim. It's not always easy to bring workplace bullying to an end. But you shouldn't have to deal with this for any reason.

Are you a Missouri resident with hernia mesh complications?

There are many types of surgical procedures that can prevent hernias from happening. While many of these treatments have proven successful, the hernia mesh surgery has been linked to incidents of adverse effects post- surgery.

In 2014, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a safety warning about the risks linked to hernia mesh surgeries. These warnings have led to lawsuits filed by patients who suffered from complications from their procedures. There have also been product recalls made by three hernia mesh manufacturing companies -- Bard Davol, Atrium Medical Corporation and Ethicon.