Notice - Implantable Port Catheter Litigation, MDL No. 3081

The above multi-district litigation consolidates lawsuits that have been filed throughout the country and allege similar claims. The Implantable Port Catheter Litigation has been consolidated in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona. The ultimate issues and outcomes of the litigation will be determined by the judge and/or juries with each party having the opportunity to present legal arguments and evidence in support or in defense of the claims.

For clarification, Power Port, Slim Port, and MRI Implantable Port each refer to several vascular access devices, and not one specific device. Any recall in March of 2021 involving the Power Port Duo MRI Implantable Port was a voluntary recall by the company. The recall pertained to a limited number of lots of the PowerPoint Duo MRI Implantable Port and was not a result of catheter degradation, fracture migration, or infection issues.

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How Can I Prepare for a Wrongful Termination Case?

Losing your job can be a very upsetting experience. If you suspect you were fired for unfair or wrongful reasons, you may be able to win compensation with a wrongful termination claim against your former employer. Wrongful termination attorneys specialize

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Can I File a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Anonymously?

In an ideal world, each individual would enjoy their fundamental right to a secure, respectful, and inclusive environment. Yet, reality often diverges from this ideal, and you may be wondering, “Can I file a sexual harassment lawsuit anonymously in Jackson

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What Types of Discrimination Are Prohibited by Law?

A number of different types of discrimination are prohibited by law, and here in Jackson County, Missouri, you are protected by both federal and state regulations. Contact an employee rights attorney right away if you have been discriminated against, and

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How to Gather Evidence of Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination in the workplace is an egregious practice that can harm a person’s ability to support themselves and fully pursue their career. If you have been discriminated against, an employment...
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What Constitutes Gender Discrimination in the Workplace?

Discrimination in the workplace can limit your job opportunity and earning ability, so it’s important to seek justice for yourself if you believe you’re a victim of gender discrimination in...
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9 Questions to Ask an Employment Lawyer at Your First Meeting

A job loss, demotion, or other concern can be emotionally and financially devastating, especially when illegal practices are involved. As you prepare for the future and consider your next steps...
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Employment Unfairly Terminated? 5 Reasons to Consult an Employment Lawyer Before Accepting Severance

Were you unexpectedly fired from your job in Jackson County, Missouri? Even if your boss gave you a plausible explanation for your dismissal, there may be more to the story...
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7 Illegal Reasons for Getting Fired That Could Mean You Have an Unlawful Termination Case

The largest employers in Jackson County, Missouri, are the government and healthcare sectors, followed by the manufacturing, education, engineering, and banking industries. Regardless of your industry or employer, being fired...
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Were You Unfairly Passed Over for Advancement at Work?

Taking action against violations of employment law is vital for ensuring a fair work environment and compensating individuals who were on the receiving end of illegal practices. Some forms of...
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Can You Get Fired Without a Written Warning?

The unthinkable has happened: you were fired from your job without a written warning. Is this allowed? While most states allow employers to fire employees at will with no explanation...
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How Can You Make a Case for Wrongful Termination?

The job market is in a state of upheaval. Many workers have quit their jobs to look for greener pastures, while employers have been squeezed by rising costs. These rapid...
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What Is the Legal Difference Between Sexual Harassment and Abuse?

You may require the expertise of a sexual abuse lawyer or sexual harassment lawyer in Kansas City to seek compensation for sex crimes. In Jackson County, Missouri, it’s important to...
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Sexual Harassment writing in red with blurred writing behind it.

Is Sexual Harassment a Crime?

Sexual crimes are among the most common in America. Harassment may be the most pervasive sexually related issue: but is harassment considered a crime? You can learn more about sex...
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My Job Was Terminated While I Cared for Sick Family Members: What Options Do I Have?

When one of your family members has an illness or an injury, it can leave you with no choice but to take time off work. Concern for your job security...
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Can You Legally Be Fired for Whistleblowing in Missouri?

Employees in Missouri have the right to work in an environment that is free from harassment, intimidation, and illegal activities. When an employer retaliates against an employee for reporting a...
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What Compensation Is Available in Missouri After a Wrongful Termination?

Missouri is an at-will employment state, which means that your employer has the right to fire you for any reason as long as the reason for your termination is legal...
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Have You Been Treated Unfairly at Work as a Result of Pregnancy?

Pregnancy discrimination is a serious issue that affects individuals and families in Missouri more than in many other states. At Holman Schiavone, LLC in Kansas City, MO, we can help...
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Employment Attorney FAQs: How Soon After Termination Must an Employee Be Paid?

Employees have legal protections, even after they are no longer employed. For many people who have been recently terminated, the challenge of getting your final wages can be complicated when...
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How Can You Prove Sexual Harassment?

Unfortunately, sexual harassment is still common, even in the 21st century; and while it’s true that this type of harassment happens most often to women, it can and does happen...
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7 Things You Should Never Say in Court During a Sexual Discrimination Case

Whether it is at the workplace or in a private setting, sexual discrimination and harassment are never acceptable. For this reason, you can file a lawsuit against someone who has...
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When Should You Call an Employment Lawyer?

Every employee has the right to a safe workplace, a reasonable boss, and fair compensation for the work they complete. Unfortunately, some employers take advantage of their workers or mistreat...
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Did You Suffer a Wrongful Termination? Contact a Lawyer Immediately

Being let go from your job is never pleasant, but it is a lot worse when you know that the termination was wrongful. Your employer has certain obligations towards you...
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10 Things Your Employer Can’t Legally Do

Employers in every sector of the economy in Missouri have a certain set of laws and regulations that they must abide by in order to foster a safe work environment...
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