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  • Is it impossible to perform your work duties during a 40-hour work week?
  • Do you have to come in to your place of employment early, stay late, or work from home to keep up with your employer’s demands?
  • Has your employer failed to pay you overtime pay for the overtime work you are performing on your own time?

You may have a basis to receive compensation through a wage and hour claim. The experienced employment law attorneys at Holman Schiavone, LLC, can help you today. We handle a broad spectrum of wage and hour disputes for employees throughout Missouri and Kansas. We are committed to protecting workers’ rights, and we hold employers responsible for wage and hour violations.

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Wage Laws and Your Off-the-Clock Pay

Most employees work hard for their employer and play by the rules. Unfortunately, some employers take advantage of their employees and force them to work overtime without overtime pay.

One of the ways that employers cheat employees out of overtime pay is by requiring work off-the-clock.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you given more work than you can perform in 40 hours?
  • Have you been denied overtime pay because it was not preapproved?
  • Do you have to show up to work early to start up your computer or perform other necessary work duties?
  • Do you have to stay late to clean up your work station or perform other necessary work duties?
  • Have you been misclassified as a nonexempt employee?
  • Are you forced or pressured to work during meal and rest breaks?

If so, you may have a basis to obtain compensation through a wage and hour claim. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling wage and hour litigation in state and federal courts throughout the region. We will stand up for your rights and vigorously pursue the compensation you deserve.

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