Religious discrimination in the workplace occurs when employees are treated differently at work due to their religion. Additionally, harassment, retaliation or denying reasonable accommodations on the basis of religion is illegal. People subjected to religious discrimination may be denied employment, denied advancement, wrongfully terminated and suffer other adverse employment actions.

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We Protect Employees Exposed to Religious Discrimination at Work

Religious discrimination can show up in a number of ways. A few examples of how an employer might demonstrate this type of discrimination might include:

  • Refusing to consider job applicants based on their religious beliefs
  • Asking applicants about their religion or faith practices during an interview
  • Paying an employee less or denying workers promotion or other advancements due to their religion
  • Refusing to allow an employee to observe his or her religious customs
  • Refusing to allow workers to wear religious items in the absence of a compelling reason, such as worker safety, to do so

If you are the victim of harassment or discrimination based on your religion, we can help you explore your legal options. We understand that many of our clients are wary of a drawn-out battle in the courtroom. To that end, we will work to ensure a favorable outcome out of court if possible. We are always prepared to fight for you to get you the results you deserve.

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