Workplace harassment can occur when an employee is made to feel humiliated or insulted due to the actions or words of a supervisor or employer. The harassment can occur through many forms, some of which are gestures, comments or emails. A nanny for actress Sharon Stone has claimed workplace harassment based on comments about her nationality.

Sharon Stone’s former nanny has filed a lawsuit against the actress claiming workplace harassment. The lawsuit claims the actress insulted the nanny by frequently making comments about the former nanny’s Filipino nationality. The former nanny worked for the actress for approximately four years before she was fired by Stone.

The termination occurred after the actress discovered the former nanny was paid for overtime compensation. The former nanny was paid overtime for time worked on holidays and during vacations. The payment was made by the actress’s accountants according to state law, but was not approved the actress.

The lawsuit specifically claims the workplace harassment regarding the former nanny’s nationality occurred when the actress would insult the former nanny based on her accent, religion and other aspects related to her Filipino nationality. The lawsuit claims the actress prohibited the former nanny from reading the Bible while in the actress’s house, which is where the former nanny resided full time as a live-in nanny.

In response to the lawsuit, the actress rejects the workplace harassment claim by stating the former nanny is a former employee who is simply disgruntled with the termination. The actress claims the former nanny previously tried to claim disability and worker’s compensation following her employment termination. Both sides indicated litigation is in the future for the dispute. The former nanny has claimed harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination and seeks an unspecified amount of damages in her lawsuit.

Source: The Kansas City Star, “Former nanny sues Sharon Stone, claims harassment,” May 23, 2012