Wage and hour disputes can occur in almost any workplace, including ones in Missouri, Kansas and any other state. The famous chef Wolfgang Puck has been involved in a wage and hour dispute lawsuit that was recently finalized in a settlement.

The wage and hour dispute lawsuit involved over 2,400 plaintiffs that consisted of both current and former employees of Wolfgang Puck’s company, Wolfgang Puck Catering and Events. The employees held varying positions within Wolfgang Puck’s company since September of 2006.

The claimed wage and hour violation came from complaints that employees worked before and after their scheduled shift without appropriate compensation. The employees involved in the lawsuit claim it was unfair for the employer to take advantage of the employees by having the employees work without compensation.

The lawsuit was initiated in 2010 and specifically claimed that employees who had a non-exempt status were denied mandated breaks and meal breaks. The lawsuit also claimed the employees received incorrect wage statements and were not paid in accordance with the wage due dates. The lawsuit was recently settled for $500,000.

These types of lawsuits can be difficult for the employees who come forward and challenge their previous or present employer. Quite often a stigma can be attached to the employees involved in this type of lawsuit and employees fear that the stigma of challenging an employer will decrease the employee’s future employment opportunities. An experienced attorney can help an employee understand his or her rights in regard to wage and hour regulations and take away the fear of retaliation. In addition to understanding employee rights, an attorney can help the employee receive appropriate compensation for their unpaid time and address reemployment issues.

Source: The Beverly Hills Courier, “Wolfgang Puck Settles Case Regarding Alleged Wage and Hour Violations,” June 25, 2012