The “Today” show has aired in millions of homes as viewers kept the show holding the top spot for a series of 16 years. This is no small feat, but the long-time success was quickly forgotten as the ratings recently started to drop and “Good Morning America” took its place. In fact, Ann Curry was the one who took the hit when the producers asked her to step down.

While NBC paid out the remainder due on Curry’s employment contract, some see the move as just another instance in daytime talk in which the woman was the one who was replaced when the ratings started to drop, alleging that gender discrimination may be prevalent.

Other women in male-female duos that have been replaced when things get rocky include some of the most famous names such as Barbara Walters, Deborah Norville, Connie Chung and Katie Couric.

It is not just being asked to leave say some critics. It is how the women are described that is also a problem. For example, Curry was described as being hyper-empathetic while interviewing guests. She has been accused of not showing enough enthusiasm during fashion or food spots. Or even that she is the one who did not have the right chemistry with Matt Lauer, not the other way around.

Curry has not filed a lawsuit claiming discrimination nor is there any indication that she will at this point. However, it illustrates how suspicions arise when a pattern develops that looks like discrimination. These patterns are often more than suspicion. If you believe that you or a group of protected individuals are being discriminated against, discuss it with an attorney because you may have a claim.

Source: Baltimore Sun, “Ann Curry: Trouble on the news desk? Replace the woman,” Susan Reimer, June 28, 2012