Large companies often have multiple locations throughout the United States. Some of the locations are directly owned by the company and others are franchise locations. Either way, the actions of a company in one location can directly impact the locations in other states. This happened to a large company who was sued for employee harassment in another state, but the impact of the lawsuit can effect employment in Kansas.

The employment harassment lawsuit began with one worker speaking out about the claimed employee harassment. Now that the harassment has been made public, the claimed harassment may affect 200 to 300 employees within the company and may impact company locations in Kansas.

The employee who spoke up about the claimed harassment stated he did not receive promotions and was forced to be stationed in the kitchen based on his race. The employee claimed the employer did not want black employees in areas that served the public.

The employer has agreed to settle the employment discrimination lawsuit and the terms of the settlement include more than $76,000 in damages. The employee who spearheaded the lawsuit is reported to receive $10,000 of the total settlement award. The lawsuit was also published in several states to open the claim up to other affected employees. Depending on the number of employees who respond to the lawsuit advisement, the total amount of damages could increase.

Although the lawsuit is still pending for potentially affected employees, the employer claims no wrongdoing occurred in the workplace. Employment discrimination can be difficult to determine and fight. An experienced attorney can help employees fight discrimination and obtain their entitled employment benefits.

Source: ABC News, “Panera Franchisee Settles Pa. Suit by Black Worker,” Joe Mandak, Sept. 18, 2012