When employee discrimination issues become news, the discussion typically focuses on the discriminatory actions that happened to an individual employee. While many employee discrimination cases in Missouri and Kansas relate to discriminatory actions in relation to an individual employee, the ramifications of employee discrimination are large issues that can affect many employees and also represent social issues and changing attitudes.

A common type of employee discrimination that is not always a recognized under the law but has gained social awareness is discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Employees who face discrimination based on these classifications may gain social support through groups such as the Missourians for Equality.

The Missourians for Equality is an organization that was established with a mission to change Missouri’s anti-discrimination policy. The change is to add both sexual orientation and gender identity to the state’s laws that prohibit discrimination. The organization has filed its proposal with Missouri’s Secretary of State Office. Recently, the Secretary of State Office approved the proposal language and the organization hopes to get the proposed language on the 2014 ballot.

Employee discrimination is primarily dictated by presiding laws, either through state laws or federal laws. If the proposed language is on the 2014 ballot, it may have the chance to significantly impact the type of employment discrimination claims in Missouri. The implementation of laws is directly reflected in the legal challenges initiated by affected employees. Employees who have faced discrimination may have a cause of action against their employer and an experienced attorney can review the employee’s discrimination claim and assess the potential damages the employee may be eligible for.

Source: Heartland Connection, “Help bring equality to Missouri,” Monisha Bruner, Jan. 16, 2013