Even as states throughout the nation contend with early spring snow storms, residents of the Kansas City, Missouri area know that spring weather is right around the corner. For many, the warmer temperatures and dry roads mean only one thing-it’s time to get the motorcycle out. While bikers may be prepared for it, many drivers of cars likely are not.

Having grown accustomed to driving in winter conditions, many of those behind the wheel of cars will not be prepared for the much smaller vehicles when they suddenly appear on the roads. In some cases, this lack of preparedness will lead to accidents with motorcycles that may result in serious injuries. This is exactly what happened to one area man this past January when he decided to take his bike out on an especially warm winter day.

The man lost one of his legs when he collided with a dump truck that appeared out of nowhere. In addition to the lost leg, the man also broke the ankle of his other leg as well as his back. To walk again, the man will rely on the use of a prosthetic leg that he will be fitted for once his body has recovered enough to make it feasible.

In the meantime, friends of the man are doing what they can to help him out. In addition to supporting him emotionally, they recently held a fundraiser to collect money to assist him as he recovers. Depending on the specifics of the accident it is possible that the man will seek monetary compensation via a personal injury lawsuit as well.

Source: FOX 4 KC, “Warning to drivers: watch out for bikers,” John Pepitone, March 5, 2013

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