Motor vehicle accidents are an all too common occurrence throughout the state of Missouri. While there are a multitude of reasons that car crashes occur, most would agree that those that could easily be prevented are particularly upsetting. This is even more true when serious injuries or death is the result.

One of the most preventable types of automobile accidents that occur is those tied to drunk driving. Despite warnings and campaigns about how deadly it can be, the practice nonetheless continues on roads throughout the nation. On some occasions it leads to a drunk driving accident.

Recognizing that drunk driving is a problem the National Transportation Safety Board recently met to discuss the matter. Perhaps the most interesting outcome of the meeting is news that they are considering lowering the legal blood alcohol content from 0.08, to 0.05. The thought behind the change appears to be that it could help to keep those considered to be either casual or social drinkers from consuming just a little too much.

According to some statistics, drivers who have consumed enough alcohol to reach the current legal limit of 0.08 are 169 percent more likely to be involved in a car crash than someone who is completely sober. Drivers with at BAC of 0.05 are 38 percent more likely to be in a crash.

While many may think the change sounds good in theory, it would not be an easy sell to many in the business of selling alcohol. What are your thoughts on this matter?

Source: New York Times, “States Urged to Cut Limit on Alcohol for Drivers,” Matthew L. Wald, May 14, 2013