Not a week goes by where it is not reported that an accident occurs that may have been caused by an intoxicated driver. This type of reckless behavior has injured many Missouri residents, while also taking the lives of many others. Although these drunk driving accidents are entirely preventable if drivers take the proper measures to ensure that they do not get behind the wheel of a vehicle after having too much to drink, there are still numerous victims who suffer.

Police suspect that alcohol may have played a role in a recent accident that sent one man to the hospital. Police responded to the scene of a single vehicle crash in the early morning hours. Upon their arrival, they saw that a single vehicle had traveled off the road.

The passenger of the vehicle was airlifted to an area hospital. He is currently in serious condition. Meanwhile, the driver of the vehicle was taken into custody. He now faces numerous charges including driving under the influence and vehicular assault.

Although the criminal case against the driver has only begun, the victim may not need to wait until that case has been resolved in order to seek compensation for his injuries. Drunk driving accidents may not need to wait for the resolution of the criminal case. If this action is filed in a Missouri court, the victim may be able to recoup his medical expenses, as well as a wide range of other damages he suffered due to the injuries he sustained as a result of another’s reckless act.

Source:, “Driver arrested in crash on US 67,” June 19, 2013