In the best conditions motorcycle accidents are an all too common occurrence on roads throughout the Kansas City, Missouri area. Due to a variety of factors, drivers of automobiles may fail to see the smaller vehicles on the road. While all motor vehicle accidents have the potential to be result in serious injuries, those in which a car or truck goes up against a motorcycle more often result in an injury to the individual on the motorcycle. In the worst cases these motorcycle accidents result in death.

Because this is a reality, law enforcement in Kansas City are particularly frustrated with motorcyclists in the area who are choosing to engage in dangerous behaviors amidst regular traffic, they call “killing the streets.” The purpose of the activity appears to be to capture the activity on video to watch later. One of the most recent incidents occurred on Interstate 70. Reportedly a total of 40 motorcyclist participated in the event which interrupted the regular traffic flow.

There is good reason for all to be concerned about the motorcyclists’ behavior. Motorcyclists participating in the behavior do things such as speeding, performing tricks, weaving between cars on the road and making sudden lane changes. The activity has lead to the death of at least one motorcyclist. In addition, it could cause other vehicles to be involved in car accidents.

It is the responsibility of all who are on the road to make sure those roads remain safe. This means that all, regardless of the vehicle they operate, must be vigilant about keeping an eye on other traffic and following the rules of the road.

Source: The Kansas City Star, “Police target motorcycle stunt riders like ones who blocked I-70 traffic,” Christine Vendel, June 11, 2013