It’s always tragic when innocent victims die as a result of someone’s decision to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. A Missouri family has now been struck by this particular tragedy twice since a man, his wife and their daughter were killed in two separate drunk driving accidents. The most recent incident, which resulted in the man’s death, occurred in April. The driver in that accident has recently been arrested on a count of first-degree manslaughter.

The victim was riding his motorcycle in Kansas City early in the morning when the tragedy occurred. According to reports, the alleged drunk driver failed to stop at a red light, and his Ford pickup struck the motorcycle. Tests show that he was driving 57 mph even though the speed limit was 40 mph.

Witnesses told police that the driver was likely drunk and had been at a bar earlier that evening. At the time of the collision, he had been talking on his cell phone. In addition to the first-degree manslaughter charge, the driver also faces a charge for leaving the scene of the accident.

Less than two years before this crash, the victim lost his wife and daughter in a head-on collision caused by a drunk driver. Now, the remaining family members have to learn to cope with this latest tragedy. Under the personal injury laws of Missouri, they can use the criminal charges against the driver as evidence of his negligence if they wish to pursue a wrongful death claim. The compensation they may be awarded will never heal their grief after these drunk driving accidents, but it can offer them some peace of mind as they try to move on.

Source:, “Suspected drunken driver charged with killing man who lost family to another drunken driver,” Michelle Pekarsky, July 15, 2013