Police and rescue crews were called out to a serious accident on a recent Sunday morning in Missouri. The victim was pinned in her car after having been involved in one of many head-on collisions that happen too often on the nation’s highways. All that were a part of the efforts to free her were afraid that she would die in the wreckage.

The would-be rescuers had arrived shortly after the horrific accident. The young driver was trapped in the twisted metal of her older model car. The equipment that was being used was reportedly too dull to slice through the heavy materials that were used in the car’s construction. After almost an hour, the 19-year-old woman was starting to slip away from the severity of her injuries.

The victim at one point asked the people working to free her to say prayers with her out loud. All did so and many claimed that a miracle took place. A priest in his black vestments and carrying special oils for prayers walked up to the car even though no one had noticed him before. He was reported to have said prayers over the woman and placed oil on her. Right after this, a fresh team and stronger equipment arrived and they were able to remove the woman from the crash site and transport her to a medical facility.

The victim is reported to have suffered severe injuries including multiple broken bones and internal trauma. The driver of the car that crashed into hers has been charged with drunk driving. This woman, like many victims of head-on collisions will have a long and possibly difficult recovery ahead of her. Missouri laws would enable the victim and her family to seek monetary compensation from the responsible driver that could provide some much needed relief from all of the medical costs that will likely occur due to the extensive physical damages that she has suffered.


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