Volunteer health services are one way for people to make a difference, touch a life and to learn while helping others. Unfortunately, liability insurance prices created a barrier for retired doctors and others in the health care sector to provide volunteer services within their communities. Recently, Missouri legislators reinstated the Volunteer Health Services Act in an effort to waive the liability associated with medical malpractice or doctor errors for volunteers.
All volunteer health care practitioners and workers are now protected under the reinstated act against medical malpractice lawsuits if they are making free care available to recipients. Many charities and non-profit organizations host events to provide various exams and medical attention to eligible individuals. The difficulty in securing volunteer physicians has been great in the past due to the liability issues and cost to obtain insurance to perform free services.
Now health professionals are able to donate services freely and without concern for potential lawsuits. Relaxing the restrictions in Missouri will take effect next month. More areas and patients will be served with reassured health providers volunteering their services.
For those who pay for medical services, a trustworthy and responsible practitioner is expected when receiving medical care. Medical malpractice lawsuits are often a necessary recourse for any patient that has received an injury or injuries as a result of substandard care. When a healthcare professional fails to deliver, tragic consequences can be the result of malpractice. Medical negligence and doctor errors in Missouri should be brought to justice and compensation for any medical costs due to resulting injuries can be secured to any patient that pays for medical care.
Source: watchdog.org, MO lawmakers relax volunteers’ medical malpractice liability, John K. Ross, Sept. 13, 2013