It is always a good idea to have a designated driver after someone has been drinking. The ideal situation is that the designated driver should not be overindulging in alcohol at the same time. Unfortunately, two Missouri men apparently forgot to arrange which would remain sober ahead of time when they were out drinking one night. To make matters worse, after one of the men hit the other with his pickup truck, he drove away. Hit-and-run accidents like this where both people appear to know each other are relatively rare.

The two coworkers argued over who would be the designated driver after they both had been drinking. It was reported by police that the driver intentionally drove over the other man with his truck. According to witnesses, the victim was holding onto the driver’s door arguing with him when the vehicle began to move and the victim fell to the ground; it is believed it was then that he was run over by the truck. The victim was seriously injured and is not expected to recover according to authorities. It was also reported that the driver got out of the truck to check on the victim, but then drove away from the scene.

The driver was tracked down at his hotel room. Police report that the man appeared to be quite intoxicated. When taken to the hospital, the driver denied ever drinking and refused any blood alcohol tests to be performed on him. The driver has been charged with reckless driving, aggravated vehicular assault, driving while intoxicated and leaving scene of accident.

Drinking and driving can result in serious, or even deadly, hit-and-run accidents. This can be unexpected and difficult for the injured or surviving loved ones and can create many challenges, both financial and emotional. These consequences can be extremely overwhelming. The injured man, or his family should he not survive, has the right to file a civil action under Missouri law in order to try to recoup the financial losses that inevitably arise from an unexpected event such as this. While the courts can’t help with the emotional trauma, financial restitution may at least be able to help relieve some of the financial stress.

Source:, Missouri man accused of critically injuring co-worker in hit-and-run crash, James Halpin, Sept. 10, 2013