A Clayton woman is claiming $25,000 in lost wages and benefits as part of a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former manager. The suit claims that the Café Napoli cocktail server became the victim of unwelcome sexual behavior over a two-month period. After rejecting inappropriate sexual advances from her manager, the woman claims to have been fired unjustly. The bar manager has not offered a public statement about the case.

According to court documents, the victim was approached on multiple occasions with unwanted sexual advances. In one incident, the bar manager revealed his genitals to her. He also repeatedly touched the victim’s hair and other parts of her body during her shifts. The former manager is also accused of kissing her and making inappropriate sexual comments.

Another manager who was also named in the lawsuit declined to comment on the allegations, but did reveal that the bar manager had been dismissed from his job. The suit is claiming that the restaurant manager had received repeated complaints from multiple employees concerning the behavior of the bar manager. Although his job included supervising the bar manager, the restaurant manager neglected to take action after receiving the complaints, according to the suit.

When a person in a position of authority creates an unwelcome sexual atmosphere that leads to a hostile working environment, employees have the right to file a sexual harassment lawsuit. An attorney with experience in employment discrimination law may be able to initiate and conduct such litigation on behalf of a client. Such an attorney may also be able to suggest other methods that may be available to redress the client’s grievances.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Cafe Napoli bar manager accused of sexual harassment“, Joe Holleman, September 17, 2013