Car accidents are typically the most deadly as well as the most common type of personal injury accident. When car accidents result in fatality due to the action of negligent drivers, mourning families and friends are left behind to pick up the pieces. The circumstances are intensified if the loss of a loved one may have been avoided, and when the tragic details are unknown, leaving several questions unanswered. Head-on collisions in Missouri are unfortunately all-too-common, and often result in fatality.

Tragedy struck in a recent auto accident involving a wrong-way driver on a local highway in Stone County, Missouri. Two people died when a person drove the wrong way on the highway on a recent Thursday afternoon. The accident happened just before 3 p.m. on the northbound side of Interstate 279 when a wrong-way driver hit another car head-on.

Purportedly the wrong-way driver got onto the highway driving southbound and eventually crossed over the center median into the northbound lanes. It is believed that the drivers of both vehicles were not wearing seatbelts. The driver and the passenger of the victims’ vehicle lost their lives shortly after the accident.

The question now remains: How did the wrong-way driver cross over the center lane, heading in the wrong direction? News of the car crash has undoubtedly been devastating for those that knew both of the drivers and the passengers, with so many questions at the forefront. Although the negligent driver was allegedly tested for alcohol use, it has not been determined if alcohol had anything to do with traveling the wrong way on the interstate. Head-on collisions are frequently deadly, and this particular accident is currently under investigation in an effort to piece together the answers to this fatal car accident. If alcohol use or other factors had anything to do with the tragic loss of life, the families of the Missouri victims will have the right to take action and receive compensation for the resulting damages and loss.

Source:, Two People Dead After Car Accident in Stone County, No author, Oct. 3, 2013