Life can change drastically in a matter of seconds. Accidents involving motorcycles happen frequently and commonly result in catastrophic injuries, permanent disability, and an ongoing need for medical care. Recently, a young Missouri man is feared to have suffered serious head injuries after crashing his motorcycle.

The accident occurred when the motorcycle and an SUV collided just after 1 p.m. on Oct. 13. Authorities report that the SUV attempted to turn left onto a local street after leaving a car wash, when he collided with the young man on the motorcycle. The SUV driver had almost made it to the center turning lane before his vehicle and the motorcycle crashed into one another.

Although the motorcycle driver was wearing a helmet, he endured critical injuries. The man who was driving the SUV was wearing a seatbelt and did not sustain any injuries. An investigation is currently underway by local authorities to determine the specifics of the crash.

In just one second following an accident, life can be turned upside down. Insurance companies may attempt to take advantage of motorcycle accident victims by denying legitimate claims or underpaying when they do pay out. They may also offer a quick settlement that is far less than a case is really worth, even though money could be desperately needed for medical expenses. Reimbursement may be sought in Missouri by those who have suffered serious head injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident. If it is proven that the driver of the other vehicle did not see the motorcyclist, the victim will have the right to take action and receive monetary damages.

Source:, Jefferson City man seriously injured in motorcycle crash, Juliette Dryer, Oct. 13, 2013