Far too often, people injured in car accidents are innocent people who are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unfortunately, it only takes one inattentive or reckless driver to permanently change someone’s life or shatter a family forever. Drunk driving accidents are the leading cause of automobile accidents in the U.S. Recently, a father admitted his guilt after being responsible for the death of his son in a drunk driving accident in Missouri nearly a year earlier.

The reports show that the man was under the influence of alcohol when he got into an accident last year in November. He allegedly smashed into two other cars while driving drunk in Christian County. The collision killed his three-year-old son on impact.

The man originally pleaded not guilty in the case. There is no indication of why he changed his plea, but he eventually admitted guilt for his son’s death in the accident. A sentencing for his manslaughter charge is expected in the near future.

Despite public pressure and strong laws, people still drive while under the influence and cause wrecks that have tragic results. Alcohol impairs concentration and mental activity in general, leading to a slower reaction time. When combined with driving, alcohol can frequently be fatal. Drunk driving accidents kill and injure Americans every single day. When an individual is killed or seriously injured in a drunk driving accident in Missouri, action can many times be taken to receive financial reimbursement for the suffering caused by such tragic circumstances.

Source: ozarksfirst.com, Clark Changes Plea to Guilty in Crash That Killed Son, No author, Nov. 5, 2013