The number of victims of motor vehicle defects before a safety recall is issued is hard to calculate. Everyday, Missouri men and women count on their vehicle to transport them safely to and from their destinations. However, when an air bag fails to deploy or a seat belt latch breaks, a minor collision can become a catastrophic event resulting in serious injury or death. Over the years, there has been an increase in Toyota Camry and Prius lawsuits due to defective motor vehicle operation. In one related event, a man recently got into an accident after his Toyota Camry supposedly accelerated voluntarily while his foot was on the brakes.

Imagine the horror potentially felt if one’s vehicle suddenly sped forward without using the accelerator. This could be what happened to one man and his wife as they were returning home from a birthday celebration. Reportedly, the couple’s 2003 Toyota Camry went crashing through their garage as they braked in the driveway.

Police investigations suggested that the man was not at fault for the accident, and that the vehicle accelerated voluntarily. The 71-year-old man has over fifty years of driving experience and no marks on his license. Thankfully, the couple was not seriously injured in the accident; however, they were left shaken by the incident, and their car was totaled and home left damaged.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there have been 89 deaths related to Toyota vehicles and unintentional acceleration in the past decade. More Toyota Camry and Prius lawsuits persist as injuries and deaths related to alleged vehicle defects occur. Missouri victims and their loved ones can protect their legal rights and seek compensation in the event of injury and damages related to vehicle defects. Car manufacturers can be held accountable for apparent motor vehicle flaws that result in harm.

Source:, Brockton crash leaves city man shaken, Morgan True, Nov. 24, 2013