Winter weather conditions cause a large volume of accidents annually. Poor roadway infrastructure and weather conditions may be the cause of an accident, creating grounds for a legal case. One recent accident involving a snow plow points to the causes of truck accidents and acts as a warning for Missouri drivers heading into winter weather conditions.

Missouri drivers know to take precaution when winter weather moves in. The state highway patrol works around the clock and responds to accidents when dangerous weather hits. There are often trouble areas on the highway that become magnets for accidents during inclement weather. Road crews work to clear accidents in their aftermath and to help prevent further accidents.

Snow, ice and wind combine to create the slick conditions on the road that cause accidents. Semi trucks are often victim to this combination of poor weather. The best thing drivers can do when receiving news of poor road conditions due to weather is to stay at home, or use extreme precaution and expect delays if there is an emergency.

Tragedy often strikes when accidents happen due to poor winter weather conditions. Causes of truck accidents can be traced to bad weather, and driving habits should change in order to protect individuals and the drivers around them. If Missouri drivers or loved ones have been the victim of negligent behavior from another on the road, they can seek counsel for expertise and protection of legal rights. After an auto accident, a person may choose to file a claim due to minor injuries or even in the event of tragic circumstances.

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