According to a recent report from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, while there have been improvements, the federal government still tends to favor men, especially regarding the highest paid positions. The report cited areas where workplace discrimination could be reduced, including providing more opportunities to women with children and ensuring that women benefit from the same mentoring that men receive.

Women made up 44 percent of the federal workforce in 2011, but only 30 percent of senior executive service positions are filled by women. These positions are high-level and are just below federal appointee level. In addition to being underrepresented in high-level positions, women only comprise 38 percent of the two highest federal pay grades and occupy a disproportionate minority of STEM field positions.

In an effort to help reduce these imbalances, it is recommended that the federal government make strides to ensure that women with children have more options. This includes offering flexible work schedules as well as expanding telecommuting centers and creating satellite work places. Additionally, it was observed that women are frequently looked over when managers were seeking to groom someone for a higher-level position. Therefore, it has been suggested that policies are implemented to ensure that women receive the benefit of this type of additional training and mentoring.

Whether someone works in the public or private sector, they are entitled to the same rights in the workplace. Discrimination can be seen in the way workers are treated and if they receive raises and promotions. People who believe they are facing discrimination in the workplace may be owed compensation from their employers and may wish to speak with an attorney who has experience in employment law matters.

Source: ABC News, “Report: Women Face Obstacles in Federal Work Force”, Sam Hananel , December 13, 2013