Medical doctors, nurses and other health care providers are responsible for the safety and well-being of those entrusted to their care in Missouri. Medical procedures and medication protocols are constantly changing, which requires a significant commitment to continuing education by all in the medical community. When doctors and other medical professionals make mistakes, disastrous consequences can result. Recently, a family in another state experienced one such tragedy due to doctor errors.
A three-year-old went to the dentist after her mother was advised that the little girl needed dental care for cavities that required four root canals. During the procedure, the three-year-old experienced cardiac arrest and became unresponsive afterwards. She was taken to a local medical center for observation and care, where it was confirmed that she had suffered irreversible brain damage. Weeks later, the young girl died at a local hospice care center.
The dentist is accused of administering an improper dosage of medication during the procedure that led to brain damage. Further investigations suggest that the little girl did not need to undergo such extensive dental work in the first place. The little girl’s parents have since filed a lawsuit with claims of negligence against the dentist for the ordeal. The practice is now closed permanently according to the website.
This tragic case serves as a sad reminder that even the most routine procedure is deserving of complete attention and professional assessment by medical care providers and those who advocate for the patient. When doctors perform negligent actions that result in patient injuries, they must provide compensation for damages. In Missouri, if a person or a loved one has suffered due to doctor errors, compensation may be sought for losses suffered in the tragic circumstances.
Source: The Huffington Post, Dr. Lilly Geyer Under Investigation After Death Of 3-Year-Old Finley Boyle, Carla Herreria, Jan. 10, 2014