Drivers are often aware of the increased risk of traveling over the holidays because more vehicles are generally on the road during the holiday season. Despite best efforts made by police officers and local agencies to enforce safe driving laws, accidents happen. T-bone collisions happen and result in many serious injuries for the vehicles knocked off course. A potential T-bone collision that occurred on one Missouri highway has left a community and one family heartbroken this holiday season.

The day after Christmas, one family was driving a van home in McDonald County when a truck crashed into their vehicle. The van flipped and two of the three young sisters that were passengers in the van were killed. The sister who survived was sent to a local medical center to care for serious injuries. The young women’s mother and father have been hospitalized and treated for moderate injuries. A sixth passenger of the van has also been treated for injuries suffered in the accident.

Officials report that two trucks which collided caused the accident. A Dodge Ram merged lanes and crossed in front of a Chevrolet 2500 pickup. The Chevrolet then slammed into the Dodge Ram, sending the truck across the highway center. The Dodge Ram then hit the side of the van, apparently T-boning the vehicle and turning it over off the side of the road. Both drivers of the trucks were not injured in the accident.

T-bone collisions occur when one car or truck crashes into the side of another vehicle. These types of accidents are more likely to lead to severe injuries to the drivers and passengers involved in the crash. The reason broadside impacts result in so many serious injuries is the vehicles are often knocked off course and either into oncoming traffic or overturned. It is unclear whether the family that is left in heartbroken in the face of the tragic circumstances in Missouri will seek compensation for their losses, which may be their right under personal injury and wrongful death law.

Source:, Bentonville Sisters Killed In Missouri Wreck Day After Christmas, Larry Henry, Dec. 27, 2013