February brings to light issues of the heart between American Heart Month and Cardiac Rehabilitation Week. Drawing awareness to reducing the potentially devastating effects of heart disease and other cardiovascular issues, February spotlights taking charge of heart health. Heart disease and health issues continue to pervade the nation and people in Missouri, bringing a host of problems to victims and loved ones. Recently, one man suffered a heart attack, allegedly due to doctor errors, and subsequently filed a medical malpractice claim in the aftermath.
The man claims that the doctor he visited weeks before he suffered a heart attack could have treated his condition and prevented the incident. He was allegedly being treated for a debilitating case of angina when he saw the doctor for treatment of the condition. The doctor ordered an angiogram and a procedure to treat two artery blockages in addition to other heart problems.
The man alleges that the doctor told him that he would need heart stents and authorized the consent for implantation but never followed through with the procedure. Less than a few weeks later, the man suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital where they finally inserted the stents. According to the man, the implantation was too late after he had suffered the disabling effects and damage from the heart attack.
The amount of the settlement is unknown; however, the man is suing the doctor for medical malpractice for failure to follow through with the procedure in a timely manner when the process was warranted. He is also suing the doctor for neglecting to take necessary precautions that may have prevented the heart attack. In Missouri, if medical malpractice occurs during any stage of medical treatment, an investigation may be taken. Medical malpractice victims often suffer from lifelong health issues. Action can be taken to receive support and professional guidance in the event that doctor errors lead to debilitating consequences.
Source: louisianarecord.com, Medical malpractice claim filed by man who suffered heart attack, Kyle Barnett, Feb. 6, 2014