A person may be driving nonchalantly one moment and then find himself or herself facing a tractor-trailer head-on. This can easily happen in a split second if the person driving the truck makes just one mistake behind the wheel and crosses the center line. Speeding or driving while distracted can cause a person to quickly lose control of a motor vehicle and may easily contribute to this type of truck accident on Missouri roads.

A head-on crash recently took place in Missouri. The accident happened when a tractor-trailer was headed west on Highway 6 and went over the middle line. It then struck an oncoming car head-on.

A 27-year-old woman was driving the car and suffered moderate injuries. She had a child who was less than a year old in the car with her, and he suffered serious injuries in the crash. He was transported to the hospital and remained in critical condition at last report. The 45-year-old tractor-trailer driver suffered minor injuries as a result of the collision.

If an investigation confirms that the tractor-trailer driver disobeyed a traffic rule, such as driving at an excessive speed or crossing over the center line of the roadway, this may be considered negligent driving. It may be offered as evidence of a causal factor in the accident for the purpose of establishing financial liability. It certainly is within the right of the injured woman to seek financial damages through a personal injury claim filed against the truck driver and his employer on behalf of herself and her seriously injured boy. A successful result may help to ease pain and suffering as well as cover medical expenses resulting from the truck accident.

Source: heartlandconnection.com, Young child seriously injured in head on collision, No author, Feb. 1, 2014