For decades, Toyota has been one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world. It is a brand that is known for quality, dependability, fuel economy and safety. It has continued to forge ahead with new models and designs to meet the consumers’ needs even in terrible times for the automotive market as a whole. However, Toyota lawsuits are a possibility for people in Missouri who have suffered injuries due to current problems with Toyota Camry hybrids.

Toyota Camry hybrids are currently under investigation due to braking problems. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that almost 60 complaints have prompted the investigation. Two crashes have also occurred as a result of braking issues that have surfaced with 2007-2008 Camry hybrids.

Nearly half of the reported incidents happened when vehicles traveled over 40 mph, and the drivers attempted to apply the brakes. Allegedly, the complaint is that braking is delayed or drivers are experiencing an increase in brake pedal effort. Also, this investigation comes after 7.43 million 2007-2009 Toyota vehicles, including the Toyota Camry hybrid, were recalled in the fall of 2012 after power-window switches failed to operate properly, leading to possible fires.

Potential problems that could arise from faulty brakes should be quite clear. When vehicles have a delay in braking, the driver may not be able to take corrective measures to avoid other vehicles, particularly with regard to settings in and around cities where heavy traffic can be present at any time. In Missouri, Toyota lawsuits may be filed in order to seek compensation for injuries or damages resulting from accidents allegedly caused by a manufacturing defect. A successful product liability claim can help get unsafe products off the market and protect other consumers, in addition to providing financial reparations for injuries suffered.

Source:, U.S. investigates 30,000 Toyota hybrids for braking problems, David Shepardson, Jan. 27, 2014