Although head-on collisions in Missouri are some of the worst traffic accidents, crashes that are nearly head-on can do extensive damage and result in serious injuries as well. Many head-on collisions are caused by a wrong way driver, which is the case in a recent accident in Missouri. This car wreck involving three vehicles, with two of them hitting nearly head-on, has taken the life of one man and left one woman injured.

Apparently, police had received numerous calls of a vehicle traveling the wrong way on the highway. Troopers tried to get that driver off the highway and onto a side road, but he reportedly continued driving on the highway. The man clipped a Hyundai SUV, which did not result in extensive damage or injury to the driver.

Unfortunately, the second vehicle’s driver was not so lucky. Her vehicle was seriously damaged after the truck hit her nearly head-on. She also sustained serious injuries from the impact and had to be cut from her vehicle.

At this time, no official charges have been filed. The investigation is ongoing to determine the exact cause of the accident. This is information that the female driver will likely want to obtain as she could later decide she is interested in determining whether she has a case for a personal injury suit.

Because the driver of the yellow truck who allegedly caused this accident passed away, some may believe that the victim does not have any legal remedies at her disposal. However, those injured in head-on collisions or other traffic accidents can still seek financial restitution from the estate or family of the deceased, at-fault driver. However, before this can be done, individuals must ensure all facts and evidence have been gathered regarding the crash, as this is information that will be necessary for a personal injury claim in Missouri.

Source:, Man Dies After Three-Car Crash on JRF and Hwy. 65, No author, March 17, 2014