Motorcycle accidents in Missouri can be some of the worst crashes on the road. They often end in serious head injuries and spinal cord injuries due to the fact that motorcyclists are not secure inside a body of metal, as one is with a car. Injuries can greatly be reduced when motorcyclists are wearing the proper protective gear. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents can still happen and can still result in serious injury or fatality.

Recently, two motorcycles and a bus collided on a highway in Missouri. Luckily, the bus did not contain any students. However, the motorcyclists were fatally injured.

The two motorcyclists who died as a result of the crash were ages 43 and 22. They were traveling with another motorcyclist, but he left the scene unharmed. The crash happened when the bus turned left onto the highway after the 52-year-old female driver had left the transportation facility for the school district.

The 22-year-old and 43-year-old motorcyclists struck the bus on the driver’s side. The third motorcyclist came in contact with debris from the crash and was ejected from his bike, although he suffered no injuries. The bus driver of eight years sustained moderate injuries and was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment. At this time, the investigation is ongoing. The intersection does not contain a traffic signal.

Many motorcycle accidents result in serious injury or death. Unfortunately, in this particular case, two people lost their lives. The family of the two deceased victims will likely be interested in receiving the investigative report, especially should they decide to file a wrongful death claim. In Missouri, a successful claim may be able to offer the families monetary damages that can be used toward funeral expenses, loss of income and mental anguish.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Two killed when motorcycles collide with school bus in Wentzville : News, Kim Bell, March 11, 2014