When consumers in Missouri purchase a power tool or any product, they expect for it to be safe to use. If a product proves defective, injuries can potentially range from a minor cut and bruising that will heal within a few weeks’ time, to more life-changing injuries, such as the loss of fingers, hands or limbs. For those who suffer serious injuries, this is when there may be potential for defective power tool claims to be brought against the manufacturer or distributors of the power tool.

Troy-Bilt Electric Leaf Blowers have recently been recalled due to the potential laceration hazard. Apparently, the impeller on the leaf blower can break during use and strike the user, which could result in lacerations. Because of the imminent danger of the leaf blower, it is recommended that all consumers in Missouri and across the rest of the country stop use of the power tool.

The recall comes after 17 reported incidents. It appears that 12 of those incidents resulted in cuts, bruises and lacerations that were so bad that stitches were necessary. Troy-Bilt can be contacted for an immediate replacement if the leaf blower was purchased online. However, if the leaf blower was purchased at a local Lowe’s store, the product can be brought in for a free replacement.

Although it’s unfortunate, manufacturers have been known to cut a few corners when it comes to consumer safety in order to get a product out and on the market. This can put consumers in Missouri and the rest of the country at risk for serious injuries. It also creates the potential risk of the manufacturer receiving defective power tool claims, which can hold them responsible for their actions. Consumers, who have been injured by a power tool and would like to file a products liability claim in order to attempt to seek monetary damages, would likely do well to ensure that their rights are fully protected from large manufacturers, such as Troy-Bilt.

Source: Clarksville Online, “Troy-Bilt Electric Leaf Blowers recalled Due to Laceration Hazard“, , April 26, 2014