It isn’t uncommon for vehicle accidents that take place on Missouri roadways to take some time in determining the cause of the accident and who was at fault. After all, it is a difficult job that law enforcement officials have to determine exactly what happened in a car or truck accident. An investigation can uncover information that is necessary in determining cause and fault in an accident.

In regard to a recent truck accident here in Missouri, authorities have not released much information. It has been reported that four individuals suffered anywhere from minor to moderate injuries as a result of the unfortunate crash. The accident involved an RV and a tanker truck.

There isn’t clear indication at this time how the accident occurred. Therefore, an investigation is ongoing to determine the cause of the crash and the at-fault driver. What is known is that in the crash, a 27-year-old suffered moderate injuries while three others suffered minor injuries.

When someone has suffered injuries due to the negligence of another behind the wheel of a vehicle, there may be cause to file a personal injury claim. Once the investigation is concluded, that information may be helpful to those who suffered injuries as it will determine the exact cause of the truck accident and determine the person at fault for the crash. This may prove to be helpful in the event that the injured victims wish to pursue legal action in the attempt to recover any possible monetary damages, such as loss of income, medical expenses and general pain and suffering.

Source: The Fulton Sun, “Four suffer moderate, minor injuries in I-70 crash”, , May 6, 2014