Sadly, motorcycle accidents are often deadly. Despite what many may believe, this can be true even when the motorcyclist takes proper safety measures while riding, including wearing a helmet. One of Missouri’s most recent motorcycle accidents resulted in the biker’s death.

The accident occurred at roughly 1:40 p.m. on Interstate 70 on the last Wednesday in May. A driver in an SUV was exiting Interstate 70. As he did so, the 66-year-old driver struck the motorcycle with his vehicle.

The 51-year-old motorcyclist was wearing a helmet at the time of the collision. Unfortunately, she went through the windshield of the SUV that struck her. She was pronounced dead after being transported to a local hospital.

An officer at the scene of the crash indicated that the driver would receive a citation for failing to yield. However, this may simply not be enough for the motorcyclist’s family. They have the right to commence and pursue a wrongful death civil lawsuit against the SUV driver. In doing so, they will have the opportunity to prove that the driver was negligent and that his negligence was the direct cause of the accident that resulted.

In fatal motorcycle accidents like this one in Missouri, a successfully navigated wrongful death claim may result in an award monetary damages to the family. This money may be able to assist in paying for burial costs and other financial damages recognized by our laws. Although money will not bring their loved one back to life, it may help the family focus on grieving without having to worry about finances.

Source: Missourian, “UPDATE: Woman dies in motorcycle crash on Interstate 70 ramp“, Hannah Pederson, May 28, 2014