Vehicle crashes are common occurrences on the road. However, there are some types of crashes which are more dangerous than others and have a higher chance of resulting in an injury. One of these types of crashes is when a vehicle completely rolls over. This is what happened recently in a Missouri truck accident which resulted in multiple injuries.

The crash reportedly occurred when an 18-year-old driver was heading West on the road at approximately 10:30 p.m. in mid-July. The truck ended up driving off the side of the street and crashing into a tree. The vehicle somehow overturned during the crash and caused injuries to the driver and all four passengers. There have yet to be any reports released to the public indicating what may have caused the accident.

The driver of the truck suffered minor injuries. A 19-year-old passenger’s injuries were also listed as minor after being transported to a hospital. The three other passengers, who were aged 19 and 20, were also taken to a local hospital and have reportedly suffered moderate injuries.

With a rollover crash, such as this truck accident in Missouri, many would say that those involved are lucky to be alive. However, those injured in the crash will now have to deal with bills resulting from medical treatment received at the local hospital. Generally, this type of service is not cheap; therefore any financial assistance will more than likely be helpful. It is possible those injured can receive monetary reimbursement by suing those who they believe to be responsible.

Source: KMALAND, “Saturday night accident injures 5“, Chuck Morris, July 21, 2014