Eye surgery is supposed to help individuals in Missouri who have poor vision to improve their ability to see. Unfortunately, doctor errors may occur and result in complications. A woman is suing an optometry clinic after she said she had to reportedly undergo unnecessary surgeries.
The woman went to the clinic in March 2013 because her vision was deteriorating. She had cataracts in both of her eyes. She underwent a surgery at the end of May of that same year for a lens to be implanted into her eye to improve her vision.
Unfortunately, she suffered pain and found it difficult to see out of her eye following the operation. It was later determined that the physician had implanted the wrong lens into her eye. She believes that her eye was not properly tested before the surgery was performed, which led to the implantation of the wrong lens.
The woman underwent a second surgery to have the proper lens placed a few weeks later. Unfortunately, she once again found it difficult to see. She decided that she would obtain a second opinion from another clinic. That optometrist informed her that the wrong lens was placed once again. The physician also asserted that she would either need glasses or an additional corrective surgery in order for her vision to be properly corrected.
As with any case where a surgical error has possibly occurred, extensive and expensive treatment as well as significant pain often follow. This is because the error must be corrected. Should a patient in Missouri decide to pursue a medical malpractice claim based on the doctor errors, it may be possible to recover costs associated with subsequent surgeries and follow-up treatment in addition to compensation for any pain and suffering as a result of the errors.
Source: The Louisiana Record, “Eye doctor sued for allegedly twice implanting wrong lens in cataract procedure”, Kyle Barnett, July 11, 2014