A Missouri firefighter who was off-duty was killed in March in a tragic car accident. Apparently, the 39-year-old woman who is said to have caused the accident was attempting to pass another vehicle on the highway. Her Audi vehicle struck the front of a Dodge Caliber, which was driven by the 49-year-old firefighter. The woman was reportedly intoxicated at the time of the crash, likely adding to the statistics for 2014 of fatal drunk driving accidents in Missouri.

The crash occurred on March 7. The firefighter died at the scene of the accident. The woman’s 11-year-old daughter was also in the car and was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment. The scope of her injuries was not further reported.

The woman who apparently caused the wreck was recently indicted on charges related to this accident. She is facing consequences for misdemeanor child endangerment and involuntary manslaughter, among other charges. Her blood alcohol level was apparently tested twice at the hospital. The first result was .139 percent, while the second test was recorded at .114 percent.

The family of the deceased firefighter may benefit from understanding their rights in this situation, as would family who finds themselves victimized by one of Missouri’s drunk driving accidents. Although money may not be at the forefront of their minds in the immediate aftermath of such a tragedy, they have the legal right to initiate a wrongful death civil claim against the accused woman. If she ends up convicted in criminal court, proof that may advance the family’s cause in establishing financial liability in civil court.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Pacific woman was drunk in crash that killed off-duty Eureka firefighter, police say“, , June 25, 2014