A 75-year-old man recently got on Interstate 44 in Missouri. Unfortunately, he entered the highway and began driving the wrong way for unknown reasons. He supposedly continued driving the wrong way for approximately five miles. At that time, his vehicle struck several others causing multiple injuries in one of Missouri’s most recent head-on collisions.

His car first struck the side of a car that had swerved to avoid hitting his car head-on. That car then ended up colliding with a tractor trailer. The man supposedly continued driving the wrong way on the highway and struck two more vehicles.

Three individuals who were involved in the multiple-vehicle crash suffered injuries. Those injuries were reportedly moderate in terms of severity. The man who was driving the wrong way on the highway died at some point. However, it was not specified whether he died at the scene or in the hospital.

At this time, authorities are not sure why he entered the interstate going the wrong way, which eventually resulted in one of Missouri’s latest head-on collisions. However, once that information is determined, the injured victims may be interested in seeking help to determine what legal options that they may have. Although the alleged at-fault driver is now deceased, the victims can pursue compensation for damages from the man’s estate. This may allow them to obtain financial restitution to assist in paying medical expenses incurred from the car accident, car repairs that were not covered by insurance, mental anguish and physical pain and suffering.

Source: ksdk.com, “Richmond Heights man dies in Interstate 44 crash”, , Aug. 6, 2014