When Missouri residents need dental care, they would naturally want to be able to trust the dentist to provide care of an acceptable standard. When a dentist fails to resolve one’s dental problems, it could result in numerous consultations and ongoing pain. A dentist in another state is facing a medical malpractice lawsuit that includes a claim for a failure to diagnose.
The plaintiff claims that the dentist fitted one of her teeth with a crown, but failed to carry out the procedure properly. She apparently returned to the dental offices on multiple occasions to complain about the ongoing pain and discomfort caused by the crown. She claims that the dentist misdiagnosed the reason for the pain several times, prolonging her suffering.
The woman asserts that the incorrect placement of the crown was only correctly diagnosed once she consulted with another dentist. As defendants, she named the dentist and an insurance company and accuses the dentist of failure to diagnose the problem and the incorrect placement of the crown. In addition, she alleges the improper diagnosis of the wrongful placement, and failure to replace the improperly placed crown with a new one that is properly installed.
The plaintiff seeks recovery of damages totaling an undisclosed amount to cover all relevant medical expenses, along with mental anguish and pain and suffering. In addition, she seeks compensation for her loss of life-enjoyment. Residents of Missouri whose enjoyment of life has been affected by a medical practitioner’s failure to diagnose a condition, or suspect that they have received less than adequate medical care, may benefit from obtaining help to assess their eligibility for a medical malpractice lawsuit. Valid claims may result in a monetary judgment awarded by a civil court to cover medical and other expenses as allowed by state laws.
Source: The Louisiana Record, “Patient files medical malpractice suit against dentist over alleged misplacement of crown”, Andrew Stevens, July 31, 2014