When a person becomes ill and requires medical attention, he or she likely turns to an individual who has had years of schooling to help them timely and correctly diagnose a condition. Whether it is a nurse, doctor or other health care provider, a patient in Missouri typically puts his or her full trust into the ability of that provider. Unfortunately, though, human error can occur. A man from another state recently took his claims of doctor errors to court and won.
The 52-year-old man had been sent to a local radiology practice to undergo an MRI. For whatever reason, he received an injection while he was there. It was that injection that is said to have caused so much pain for the patient after he left the office.
A few days after receiving the injection, the man went to the hospital, and a culture was done. A couple of days later, he was released after being seen by the radiologist. Reportedly, he had been sent home after there had been confirmation of a serious infection that required treatment immediately. Because he was sent home when he should have been admitted into the hospital, he came back to the hospital a couple of days later with irreparable damage.
Now, the man claims to be unable to enjoy the activities that he loves and that he used to partake in before the infection. He is disabled and is apparently no longer able to work in the construction field. Fortunately, after a three-week trial, the jury awarded in the man’s favor. He was awarded a $2.3 million award for the doctor’s negligence.
When a tragedy like this from doctor errors occurs to patients here in Missouri, it is important to understand that there is legal recourse that can be taken. A medical malpractice suit can help victims seek accountability for any malpractice or negligence from a medical professional. Monetary damages may be awarded to help the victims cover past, current and future medical expenses in addition to other related costs that may arise due to the unfortunate and avoidable incident.
Source: lohud.com, “Nyack Hospital orthopedist hit with $2.3 million jury verdict“, Jorge Fitz-Gibbon, Aug. 4, 2014
Source: lohud.com, “Nyack Hospital orthopedist hit with $2.3 million jury verdict“, Jorge Fitz-Gibbon, Aug. 4, 2014