Commercial drivers — like others — do not always pay attention to their surroundings. However, a truck accident does not also mean that the driver was operating the vehicle negligently. In some cases, commercial vehicles are not properly maintained by the company or defective auto parts find their way into the vehicles. Whatever the case may be, injury to the driver, passengers or others is a sad possibility. Although the exact cause of a recent truck accident is unclear, a Missouri FedEx driver recently died in a collision.

A 52-year-old man recently found himself pinned between a house and his work vehicle. The man was a delivery driver for FedEx. He was transported to a local hospital. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries there.

The investigation into what exactly caused the driver to be pinned by the vehicle against the house is ongoing. At this time, there is the possibility of a defect in the FedEx truck’s brake system. However, it will take time for this to be determined. Regardless of how long it takes for the investigation to unfold, the family will likely be eagerly awaiting the results. 

First and foremost, the victim’s family is likely entitled to Missouri workers’ compensation death benefits. If it is indeed determined that the brakes in the truck failed, the family may be able to pursue legal action against the manufacturer of the brakes (or another party that was responsible for their maintenance) in a third party liability lawsuit. In the aftermath of this tragic truck accident, the family does have a number of legal options to consider. The first step in making an informed decision may be to seek an independent evaluation of the underlying facts and applicable laws. 

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