Motorcyclists have to adhere to the same laws as car drivers. They also have the same rights as other types of motorists. The only difference is that a motorcyclist is infinitely more vulnerable to suffering catastrophic injuries in a Missouri car crash — injuries that result in amputation, spinal cord damage and traumatic brain damage.

At Holman Schiavone, LLC, we are infinitely familiar with the needs of motorcyclists who have suffered serious injury in a motor vehicle crash that was no fault of their own. We understand the emotional turmoil faced by family members who have lost a loved one due to a fatality in such a crash. We are also available to help victims of motorcycle accidents obtain the justice and financial restitution they deserve.

When a motorcycle accident victim sets out to pursue compensation after a crash, it is often discovered that the accident occurred as a result of the other driver’s failure to pay attention to the road and vehicles around him or her. One of the easiest ways for a motorcycle accident to happen, for example, is during a lane change, when a car simply moves into the space occupied by the motorcyclist. Such an event can cause a biker to swerve immediately out of control. Left turns made without looking at intersections are also another common culprit.

By discussing the facts and circumstances of a Missouri motorcycle accident injury case with a legal professional — whether it involves an amputation, traumatic brain injury or some other kind of injury — victims and their families can begin to get a complete picture of the viability of their claims for damages. In lawsuits like this, no level of compensation can ever be guaranteed ahead of time, but the merits of the case can be evaluated in order to determine if it is worth pursuing. Best of all, most personal injury law firms — including Holman Schiavone, LLC — will provide this initial consultation completely free of charge, and if they decide to take your case, you will not be charged until — and only if — a monetary settlement is obtained on your behalf.

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