Our nation was founded by those seeking protection from persecution for practicing the religion of their choice. Yet still today there are instances where workers face religious harassment for simply following the tenets of their chosen faith.

When some employees are treated differently on the job, retaliated against, harassed or denied reasonable accommodations based on their faith, it is illegal. Employers cannot deny employment or promotions based on an employee’s religion or cause them to experience other adverse actions on the job based on their faith.

Sometimes the discrimination is overt, as when an employer forbids a female Muslim employee to wear a hijab while working or asks about one’s faith while interviewing for a job. Other discriminatory actions may be more covert and can involve paying workers of a certain faith at a lower hourly rate or making out their schedule to where it is impossible for them to attend worship services.

We believe that workers should feel free to represent their faith and practice their religion without having to worry that doing so could negatively affect their jobs or career trajectories.

Workers may feel that they have nowhere to turn, but our attorneys will go to bat time and again for those suffering from religious discrimination in the workforce. We are prepared to head to either the settlement table or the courtroom and vigorously defend clients’ rights to worship according to their traditions and beliefs.

Don’t put up with on-the-job discrimination over your religion another day. Make the call to our firm to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.