Cars are amazing feats of technology, and loving cars and other vehicles may be considered an ingrained aspect of American culture. Unfortunately, there might be little doubt that they can become exceptionally dangerous in the blink of an eye, especially in rollover accidents. A recent weekend in Missouri resulted in at least eight accident-related fatalities across the state. For some, the weather may have played at least a partial role.

With the icy weather sweeping across much of the United States, driving conditions in certain areas of the country have become more dangerous. However, no matter the conditions of the roads, like the icy ones that apparently confronted some in Missouri, drivers must still exercise the necessary and reasonable amount of caution while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, the fatal wrecks that occurred on icy roads show just how deadly not driving in concert with prevailing weather conditions can potentially be.

In another wreck, a woman is believed to have somehow lost control of her truck. After veering across the center line of traffic and into the oncoming lane, her vehicle was struck. She later died at the hospital, while the other driver involved suffered injuries. A different single-vehicle accident caused one fatality and one injury in a rollover crash.

While any number of factors can contribute to or cause various wrecks, such as rollover accidents or head-on collisions, if a driver was at fault, he or she may face claims for damages. Both injury victims in Missouri and the families of those that were killed have similar options for legal recourse through either a personal injury or a wrongful death lawsuit. If successfully litigated, both of these may provide legal recourse for damages sustained, including medical bills and related financial losses. Injury victims can also be compensated for pain and suffering and lost wages, while families of those who died can seek funeral and burial costs, among other damages authorized by law.

Source:, “Eight killed in accidents across Missouri on Sunday”, Nov. 17, 2014