The impact produced during head-on collisions often leaves the occupants of both vehicles with serious or fatal injuries. In near head-on collisions, the impact may not be as great, but that does not eliminate the severity of the consequences to the people involved. Recently, two vehicles collided almost head on Interstate 55 in Missouri.

Officials with the Missouri State Highway Patrol may not yet know what caused a 27-year-old woman to drive against the flow of traffic on the southbound side of the interstate. A 33-year-old woman had no idea the wrong-way driver was heading toward her and was not able to avoid colliding with the other vehicle. The driver and four passengers, including an infant, were in the vehicle traveling the wrong way.

Both drivers and all of the passengers suffered injuries described only as serious. Emergency medical personnel decided that the injuries suffered by four of the six were severe enough to warrant calling in medical helicopters. The other two were able to be transported by ambulance. No further information was available regarding their conditions. Additional details regarding the investigation were also not forthcoming.

The wrong-way driver could end up facing criminal charges depending on the outcome of the official investigation. She could also face personal injury claims from the victims. Each person’s recovery will be different, but all will undoubtedly take time. During that time, medical bills will be accruing, and those who work may be losing income. Damages for these losses and others often seen in near head-on collisions could be awarded if negligence is satisfactorily proved.

Source:, “Six people hurt in I-55 accident”, Dec. 19, 2014