A Missouri woman who filed a lawsuit against the Missouri Department of Transportation back in the earlier part of 2014, finally had her day in court as the year came to an end this past December. The woman, who had filed for age and gender discrimination, was awarded just over $1 million by a Buchanan County jury. The jury verdict awarded to the woman included $840,000 in punitive damages for the Missouri Department of Transportation’s reported misconduct.

According to court documents, the discrimination occurred when management gave her old position to another employee who was 23 years younger than the woman who was 62 years of age when she was given the demotion. After complaining to a superior about the situation, the woman was then assigned a storage closet to work out of that reportedly had a documented history of problems with mold.

The claim of discrimination is not the first for the Missouri Department of Transportation, who reportedly demoted another woman in the same manner. The other employee received an award of $850,000 after receiving a similar verdict in the same courtroom back in November. Documents state that both women were demoted due in part to what has been called the Bolder 5-Year Plan. This plan is said to have been created as a way for the fiscally challenged state department to make budget cuts.

Individuals who believe they may have been subject to age discrimination in their workplace may find it beneficial to seek the counsel of a Missouri attorney who has experience in workplace discrimination.

Source: The Pitch, “Missouri Department of Transportation lost another discrimination lawsuit” Steve Vockrodt, Jan. 06, 2015